1. Be My Voice

From the recording Bloom

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By Kiersten Rose


Do you see me?
I know I look a little strange.
Maybe God allowed it,
but it wasn’t quite my plan.
Do you hear me?
I’m tired of rejection
I want to have someone to hold me
and love me as I am.

“Life’s not fair” is an understatement.
It seems the cards that I’ve been dealt
are the losing ones again.

Be my voice
Defend my cause when you get the chance
Look behind these lonely eyes
and believe I’m worth the fight
Be my voice
I need someone to understand
Take me in and offer me a chance to mend
Be my voice

Do you see me?
I’m not who you think I am.
Underneath this rainbow skin
is a broken-battered soul.
Do you hear me?
Listen past the angry cries,
to hear the sorrow of a thousand
years of crushing shame

You say your God can heal the sick,
You say your God can raise the dead,
Give me just one reason to believe
you’ll be different from the rest.