From the recording Bloom

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By Kiersten Rose


Nobody knows me like you do,
You knew when I needed a “talking-to.”
You taught me to trust my inner voice
when others said “don’t listen.”
You love my kids like you love your own,
we’ve talked for hours on the phone.
A better friend I’ll never find in this life.

Like water that soaks into the ground,
you gave new life to me.
Like children when Christmas gifts are found,
you taught me to believe.
When I was numb, completely undone,
you gave me hope when I had none.

I’ve heard that there’s no place like home,
and even now that I am grown
you welcomed me back with open arms
without second guessing.
You put a roof above my head,
and with your love my soul was fed.
You gave me room to spread my wings and just be.

You have a love that’s really deep,
it shows in the way you move and speak.
I’ve seen you trading tender looks
and flirting in the kitchen.
Living your days with no regret,
treating the dying with respect,
proving true love’s not make believe.