1. Looped

From the recording Bloom

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By Kiersten Rose (music & lyrics) and William Butler Yeats (lyrics).


He whispered, "am I too young,
or am I old enough"
and then he threw out a penny
to find out if he might go and love her,
though she’s young and frail.

O - oh, penny
brown, brown penny.
He is looped in the loops of her hair.
O - oh, penny
brown, brown penny.
Tell him one can’t begin it too soon.

Oh love is a crooked thing.
There’s no one wise enough
to find all that’s in it.
We’ll be looking for it
till the stars have run away
and the shadows have eaten the moon.

Make a wish, toss it up
over your shoulder.
Heads or tails, say a prayer
for what could be.
Make a wish,
toss it over your shoulder.
Say a prayer and just believe.