1. Heaven Knows

From the recording Bloom

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By Kiersten Rose


This longing, kept buried
beneath numbing vices
awakens from time to time
It pulls like a magnet and begs me to listen
telling me there’s so much more to feel

I hunger for something I find so elusive
a starburst just out of reach
It shines with such brilliance and beckons attention
I am a cave bird drawn to the sky

Heaven’s the granter of all expectations
Heaven’s the filler of all unmet dreams
Heaven’s the mender of all broken places
and heaven knows, my heart.

I’ve listened to sages
who tell me the answer
is hidden inside their lies
But I don’t belong here,
I’m a traveling stranger
Help me resist these counterfeit charms.


Like tension in melody that never resolves
leaving me hoping for more


Heaven knows my heart Heaven knows my heart